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Thorpe Park HIDDEN SECRETS and Easter Eggs

20 Thorpe Park Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs

Home to some of the UK’s most popular and arguably best coasters, Thorpe Park is one of the UK’s top theme parks. Despite its reputation for being Alton Towers’ little brother, Thorpe Park became a leisure attraction in 1979, a year earlier than Alton Towers which became a theme park in 1980. Thorpe Park may…

15 Alton Towers Hidden Secrets and Easter eggs

15 Alton Towers Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs

Alton Towers has a lot of history, and with that comes a huge number of hidden secrets and easter eggs. Here are a few that you can try to spot on your next visit! The Smiler Hidden Secrets 1. World’s 1st As you go through the entrance to the Smiler’s queue, have a look up…

London Sky Garden, one of the best FREE things to do in London

The Sky Garden is one of the best kept secrets in London, and best of all it’s completely free. Located on the 35th floor of the “Walkie Talkie” building (or 20 Fenchurch Street to give it it’s actual name), the Sky Garden offers incredible 360 degree views from the floor-to-ceiling glass-walled public garden – “The…