5 things I did this month to easily cut £90 of my monthly outgoings – getting ready for an expensive winter!

It’s starting to get chilly here in the UK… Winter is approaching – and the energy crisis looms.

Household bills are set to soar even more than they already have.
It’s getting a little scary actually isn’t it?

I’ve been doing some research online on how to reduce the amount of money I am spending every month on bills, and I thought I’d share what worked well for me to free up a little extra cash to put towards those outrageous energy bills.

1. Cut the cost of your water bill

This is probably the easiest of the things I did. So simple – we are saving around £10 a month on water bills by

  • Buying a new eco shower head which uses far less water when used
  • and simply being more aware of what we are doing, and taking shorter showers!
  • We also had the landlord come out and fix the dripping taps and fix the leaking overflow pipe that was dripping water in to the garden!

This is so simple… but it does genuinely make a difference.

2. Get a cheaper broadband supplier

We changed our broadband supplier from BT to Now TV, bringing that £50+ bill down to £21.

This is such a simple and easy change to make, and really we haven’t noticed a difference in connection speeds.

3. Consolidate debts

Instead of paying multiple debts off each month, I have taken a single loan which I can pay back monthly, and used it to pay off the other debts. Doing this helps avoid paying interest to multiple different companies, and works out much cheaper each month.

Your bank might be able to help you arrange this, and it could save you a fortune monthly! It’s benefited me hugely.

4. Get a cheaper mobile phone contract

This one really is a good one, and I’d recommend it to anyone…

I had a few months remaining on my O2 / iPhone contract, but decided to pay off my device early and leave O2 for a cheaper provider.

Doing this, I have got rid of my £50 monthly payment with O2 and replaced it with a £10 one from Giffgaff.

If you live in the UK, they are running an offer at the moment which gives you £5 free credit when you sign up using my referral link: Click here to order your free Giffgaff SIM and claim £5 credit!

Get a free giffgaff Sim

Their plans are priced well, and it all runs on the O2 network, so the coverage is as good as it is with O2.

I chose Giffgaff, but Smarty is another similarly priced provider like this 🙂

5. Cancel unwanted memberships (gym and fitness!)

I’ve finally binned off that £10 Apple Fitness membership that I keep promising I’ll use, but never do! That’s £10 a month in my pocket.

Are you taking special measures this year ahead of the energy crisis this winter?
If so, please share anything you’re doing in the comments! I’m interested to hear more ideas.

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  1. Timothy says:

    Some great ideas!


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