Visiting New York | Day 4 – Central Park, Grand Central and New York Yankees Baseball


Disaster. The last full day in NYC was here. But we had another full agenda and were determined to make the most of it!

Central Park

We started the day early by taking a walk down the road from our hotel in to Central Park.

Central Park, New York
Central Park, New York

Before visiting New York I had wondered if Central Park would be as good as people say – it’s a park in the middle of the concrete jungle after all – but it really is lovely, and ENORMOUS. We barely scratched the surface with our wander around the south end of Central Park. Even so, we saw plenty of scenery and quite a bit of wildlife during our short visit.

Some of the tallest buildings in New York stand on the edge of Central Park, making quite a surreal contrast between the buildings and the nature. It’s like being in a video game.

Central Park will be high on the list of priorities next visit – I’d love to rent a bike and cycle around the park for an afternoon.

Grand Central

Next on the agenda was Grand Central Station.

Visiting a train station isn’t really something anyone would do back home in the UK, but this one is such a spectacle that it’s an attraction in its own right. Apparently it’s the world’s largest train station, and one of the ten most visited tourist attractions in the world!

Grand Central Station, New York
Grand Central Station, New York

We wandered the station and found a place ‘downstairs’ for coffee & muffins, before finding our way to our platform to get on a train taking us up to the Bronx.

Yankees Game

The final ‘big thing’ we had planned for our trip was a baseball game at Yankee stadium – so after donning the obligatory Yankee hats we took our seats and soaked up the atmosphere!

Yankee Stadium, New York
Yankee Stadium, New York

This was something very different to what we have at home, so it was great to experience something different – although I’ll admit, I didn’t know what was going on for a lot of the time we were here!

After the game we made our way back to the Subway and headed in to Manhattan for the evening.

A final wander and meal

We had enough time for a final wonder around the shops, including finally stumbling across the much anticipated vegan ice cream place we’d read about – I think we consumed about twice our body weight in mint choc chip (something literally never available without dairy), then rolled our of the door for our final bits of shopping etc.

We finished the trip at Lincoln Square, and ate at The Smith restaurant which was the perfect end to the trip.

One final night at the hotel, and we were treated to a rave at the nightclub next door, and an illegal 3AM street race down 7th Avenue 😂 So I can’t say we were well rested for our early morning flight, but who goes to NYC for a rest?

New York is an incredible place.
I’ve wanted to visit ever since I can remember.
As a kid, I would stare for hours at the poster of the skyline on my wall and tell myself I’d be there one day – and now I finally have.

NYC is everything I thought it would be.
Yeah, it’s dirty, expensive, exhausting, extremely weird, and to be honest pretty lawless as far as I can tell.
But it’s alive, exciting, full of things to see and do, and probably the most impressive place I’ve ever been to.

It’ll be a while, but I can’t wait to go back to New York already, and it’s made me even more excited to see more of America than I already have.

Thank you so much for reading!
Please leave me a comment with what you thought of NYC.

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