Sofitel Hotel, Heathrow Terminal 5 | ★★★★★

Our long-awaited and rescheduled trip to New York had finally arrived, and since our flight was quite early in the morning, we decided to book a room at the Sofitel Heathrow Terminal 5 to avoid the early morning trip to the airport.

The evening before our flight we set off for Heathrow, and parked in the T5 Long Stay car park, taking the short bus ride to the terminal.

The Sofitel Heathrow is right next door to Terminal 5, linked by an indoor walkway, and is very easy to find just following the signs.
Walking from the T5 check-in area to the hotel reception takes about 5 minutes.

The lobby is quite impressive – it’s kind of a large open atrium with hotel rooms looking inwards towards the cafe in the middle.
Some rooms offer ‘interior’ views of this cafe/lobby area, and others have views over the airport or car parks outside.

Sofitel, Heathrow Terminal 5
Sofitel, Heathrow Terminal 5

There are 5 of these atriums in the hotel, each lined with rooms on either side.

We checked in and found our way to room 1305, which was quite a walk over to the other end of the hotel, on the 5th floor.

Classic Room, Twin Beds, Sofitel, Heathrow Terminal 5
Classic Room, Twin Beds, Sofitel, Heathrow Terminal 5

The rooms are spacious and very comfortable, with everything you need for a comfortable stay, including tea and coffee, a shower cubicle, a bath, speakers throughout the room and bathroom which can play music from your phone, a panel to plug in your own laptop or tv dongle (Amazon stick or Cromecast for example), and also a weird amount of phones throughout the room including one next to the toilet incase you fancy ordering room service while sat on the throne I guess!

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone flying from Heathrow early in the morning.
It’s not cheap, but it’s a modern and comfortable hotel and in my opinion is worth the money considering you’re literally connected directly to Terminal 5, no need for any driving, parking, busses or faff early in the morning.

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