8 Tips for visiting the Alton Towers Fireworks


October is here! It’s almost that time of year again where the theme parks close their gates for the winter. But first, it’s the Halloween and Fireworks season – in my opinion, the best time to visit a theme park!

The Alton Towers Fireworks event is so much more than just a fireworks display – it’s a full themed show, usually based on nostalgic Alton Towers memories, complete with lasers, fire, lights, live actors and screens, all set in front of the iconic Towers ruins which are always beautifully lit up.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your day at the Alton Towers Fireworks on the 5th, 6th or 7th November 2021.

1. When the fireworks end, most people try to leave at the same time.
Try to stay in the park for a while if you can, most rides re-open after the show, so you can ride in the dark and wait for the crowds to leave first.

2. Make sure you get something substantial to eat at or before lunchtime
The restaurants and food kiosks get extremely busy in the afternoon / evening as people prepare to watch the show.

3. Accept that the park will be at full capacity, and that you won’t get to ride everything. Just try to enjoy the day and accept that the queues will be the longest they have been all year.

4. Most restaurants and food outlets remove their seating areas during Fireworks dates so they can cater for more people – this means it’s extremely unlikely you will find indoor seating when you eat or get coffee, especially in the afternoon and evening.

5. Buy your parking ticket online before you go to the park (or in the morning) so you don’t have to queue for the machines before you leave.

6. Because most people leave the park after the show, they open the gates near Galactica at the end of the day to allow you to avoid fighting the crowds on Towers Street or waiting for the Monorail.

7. Bring a battery pack and charging cable for your phone
It’s a long day, and being out in the cold will make your battery drain faster than usual.

8. Get cheap Alton Towers tickets. Check my guides on how to get cheap Alton Towers Tickets and how to use Tesco Clubcard points on Alton Towers tickets to get the best value from your visit.

Thank you for reading!

Have you been to the Alton Towers Fireworks before?
What did you think? Do you have any tips to share?

Please leave me a comment below!

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