5 things to do when visiting Bath – Recommendations from a local!

Okay.. I don’t live in Bath, but I do work there, and I’m lucky enough to call it my nearest city!

Bath has always been my go-to place for a wander around the shops or a nice day out locally, and recently I’ve been working in the centre.

I was having my lunch break near the Abbey the other day when it struck me that Bath is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site, and that a huge number of people in Bath’s centre at any given moment are actually visitors, mostly wandering about and stumbling upon the sights as they stroll around!
I should write a blog post about visiting Bath”, I thought to myself. So here it is!

1. Visit the Roman Baths

The Roman Baths, Bath
The Roman Baths, Bath

Bath is pretty much all about the Roman Baths. The whole city is literally built on the natural hot spring, and the city ”sprung” up around the bath house the Romans built.
I mean, the city is called Bath – you can’t not go and see the Roman Baths!

2. Spend a few hours in the Thermae Bath Spa

Thermae Bath Spa, Bath
Thermae Bath Spa, Bath

The Roman Baths are great, but if you’re like me, all you want to do is get in the water!

The Thermae Bath Spa is fed by the same natural hot, mineral-rich spring as the Roman Baths, but the water here is a little less green!

I would recommend going for the ‘basic’ session (“Thermae Welcome – 2-hour spa session and use of towel, robe & flip-flops“), which gives you access to the 3 main elements of the spa:

  • The Minerva Bath – Located indoors, this is the largest pool in the spa. It offers plenty of space to swim, along with a small lazy river and a Jacuzzi to relax in.
  • The Wellness Suite – This has recently been re-vamped, and now contains several saunas, steam rooms, infrared rooms and a celestial relaxation room to try in between swims!
  • The Open-Air Rooftop Pool – This is the main attraction really. The large pool sits on top of the building and looks out over the rooftops of Bath and the surrounding hills. There’s plenty of space to swim (or just float!), as well as some Jacuzzi seating areas to sit and relax while taking in the view.

The Thermae Bath Spa is a little pricey at £37 Monday-Friday, and £42 on weekends, but it’s unique and totally worth it as a one-off treat in my opinion!

The Thermae Bath Spa can get very busy, with queues stretching all the way down ‘Bath Street’ (original) at peak times. My advice is book a time slot online in advance.

3. Spend some time in and around Bath Abbey, and go on a Tower Tour

The front of Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey can be found right in the centre of the city, just next to the Roman Baths. The abbey usually appears in the background to many photos of the main bath.

The Abbey opens its doors daily to visitors who would like to have a look around. The suggested donation is £5 which goes to charity.
Better still though, 45 minute Guided Tower Tours can be booked on the day for £10, giving a unique aerial view of Bath’s skyline.

Even if you don’t fancy going in to the Abbey itself, the surrounding area is always a hive of activity, with several street performers choosing to set up in the centre of the 27 benches in Kinston Parade, just to the side of the Abbey (where you’ll also find the fudge shop that everyone raves about).

4. Take a bus tour to see the Royal Crescent and other sights outside of the centre

The Circus, Bath
The Circus, Bath

The Circus, the Royal Crescent and the Skyline views aren’t too far from the city centre, but taking the tour bus gives a great view of all the sights on the outskirts without having to climb the many hills to get there on foot!

The tour bus stop can be found next to the Abbey.

5. have a wander through the side streets

The Passage, Bath
The Passage, Bath

It’s easy to get swept along with the crowds in Bath, and remain on the main shopping drag (Milsom Street, Union Street, Stall Street and the Southgate) – but if you do, you’ll miss out on quite a lot of what Bath has to offer.

Make sure you explore some of the side streets that are just a few meters away from the crowds. A couple of hilights are

  • The Passage – Well, should be passages. This is actually a collection of winding cobbled streets, lined with small independent shops, cafes and bakeries, similar to The Lanes in Brighton.
  • The Corridor – This is a narrow, glass roofed alleyway that connects High Street with Union Street, and has been used as a ‘shopping mall’ since 1825.
  • Saw Close – This, and the surrounding tree-covered area, is home to the Theatre Royal along with many restaurants and bars, and can be found near the Thermae Bath Spa.

Bath really is a great little city to see, I’d definitely reccomend a visit!

Do you have any recommendations on things to do in Bath?
Please share by leaving a comment below!

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    Thank you for the inspiration. We are considering a UK roadtrip, including the Isle of White and the Isle of Man. And a stop in Bath is on our minds.

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