Should I book that cheap trip?

Cala San Vicente beach, Mallorca
Cala San Vicente beach, Mallorca

Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed across most of the UK, the internet and inboxes everywhere are awash with some really cheap travel deals!

Depending on what happens with my perilous COVID financial situation, I’ve been so tempted to take advantage of the low prices and book a little break away.

Is that a good idea to though, especially abroad? I’m not sure…
With all that’s in the news at the moment, arrivals from Spain having to quarantine, and talk of Europe heading for a second wave, is it wise to book anything at all?

We’ve already had our Mallorca holiday cancelled and re-booked for next Spring, and we’re wondering if our Paris trip will happen in a few weeks, let alone any additional trips.

But there are so many cheap travel deals on sale at the moment!

I’ve been weighing it up to try to work out if it’s a good idea, here are my thoughts!

Good prices

As travel companies try to entice customers back, there are some bargains to be had – and that’s great, providing the trip actually goes ahead.
If you’re unable to go on the trip because of local restrictions, there probably won’t be any refunds at this stage, it’ll likely be credit or vouchers to re-book at a later date, so you’ll have to be flexible with dates.
It’s also worth noting that the cost of a flight today may not be the cost of the flights when you need to re-book, so you may end up having to top-up the fare later on if the voucher doesn’t cover it all.

There’s more flexibility now

It looks like a lot of hotels are now offering free cancellation on their rooms to help everyone feel more confident when booking. This is great news if you need to cancel or postpone for any reason.

This could be a good time to travel!

Most of us have been cooped up indoors for a long time, so getting out to see the world is going to feel better than ever!
It could also be quieter with fewer tourists at the destination, and more comfortable when traveling through Airports / stations etc.

Should I book that cheap trip during COVID-19?

So there are some pros and cons to booking a trip during the pandemic.

I think it’s a gamble though.
If you book a trip, and it goes ahead, you could save a lot of money! On the other hand, if things change with the pandemic, you could be left disappointed or out of pocket later.

I think we’ll probably stick with our planned Paris trip this year (assuming it goes ahead!) and perhaps go and stay somewhere in the UK if the opportunity comes up.

What do you think about traveling during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Are you booking any trips and taking advantage of the low prices?

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