The best way to get from Prague Airport to the City Centre using public transport

Prague, like many cities, has its fair share of dubious taxi drivers, so it’s possible to get ripped-off if you’re not careful.
Luckily Prague has one of the easiest and cheapest public transport systems I’ve ever used, and it’s very easy to quickly get from the Airport to the city centre using bus and Metro.

Unfortunately the Prague Metro doesn’t go to the Airport, so fastest and most popular way to make the journey is to take a bus to one of the Metro lines, then change to the Metro which takes you in to the city.

1. Buy your tickets
Before you can get on any buses or Metros, you’ll need a ticket.
Near the exits in the Arrivals hall, you’ll see some yellow public transport ticket machines. You can use your bank card with these machines to buy your tickets.
Prague public transport tickets cover Metro, tram and bus, so one 90 minute ticket will cover you for this 2 part journey.
If you’re staying in Prague for a few days, you might save money by buying the 72hr ticket. This will be validated from the time you purchase the ticket, so you’ll just need to have the ticket on you to have unlimited access to Prague’s public transport for 3 days.

2. Go outside the Arrivals building and get on bus 119
Right outside Arrivals you’ll see the bus station. Head over there and look for bus 119.
It departs every few minuets, so you won’t be waiting long.

3. Change to the Metro A Line (Green)
The bus terminates at Nadrazi Veleslavin Metro station (A line).
Get off the bus here, and join the Metro in the direction of Depo Hostivar.
You can get off the Metro at your chosen stop, or change lines at either Mustek or Muzeum.

I hope this guide helps and you love Prague as much as I did!

If you have any more tips on how to get from Prague Airport to the city centre, please leave a comment below.

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