How to buy public transport tickets when visiting Prague

Prague has one of the easiest and cheapest public transport systems I’ve ever used, and it’s very easy to quickly get where you need to go.

The main thing to understand about Prague’s public transport is that you don’t pay per journey (like in London or Paris), you pay for periods of time, giving you unlimited use and unlimited transfers on all public buses, trams and Metros for the duration of the ticket.

There are several ticket options for you during your visit to Prague, depending on how long you’re staying and how much you’re planning on using Public Transport.

To buy a ticket you’ll need to find one of the yellow ticket machines around the city, mainly at the entrance to the Metro stations and at bus stops, including in Arrivals at the Airport.

These are the types of short term ticket available, best for travelers:

The “Baggage” ticket is for large piece of luggage (over 50kg).

When you’ve selected a ticket type, you’ll be given the option to select “Validate now“, meaning the ticket is stamped with the current time and date. If the ticket you’ve bought is for 24hrs you’ll be able to use this for the next 24hrs starting from the moment it’s printed. If however you select “Validate later“, the ticket can be saved until a later time/date, and the validity period will begin when you stamp your ticket on a bus or Metro entrance.

I hope this helps!

If you have any other helpful tips please share them in the comments below.

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